Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today was Tuesday

Yesterday, if you were around, you would have read that I thought making Monday a work optional day was a good idea and changing the name to Someday because everyone always looks forward to someday. Well I am not to happy with Tuesday either. When I was little I thought it was twosday because it was the second day in my week, even though my mother said it was the third day. I had issues with it even back then.

Tuesday is the first day of the week when people actually are up to working a full day and the weekend is still a recent memory and the next one seems so for off. My proposal is to change the name of this day also. I would call it Oneday. The reason for this change is that everyone is in work mode and everyone that I know always stated that they wanted to do something great one day. Well here it is. One day is here so now you can go skydiving, take opera lessons, learn Mandarin dialect or whatever it is you were planning to do one day. Think of how the world would change once a week by everyone accomplishing something great. I have to go now. I want to write that novel that I said I would write one day. I will be back tomorrow when I will deal with that day. Here is a photo of our gray day in FLA. This is the same view as the photo above. There was a tornado watch earlier,

Black Beans When I was taking an Autocad class a few years ago I sat next to another student who was an engineer of Cuban descent. I asked her if she had a recipe for black beans and she came in a few days later with this hand written recipe that her grandmother translated from Spanish. It is a little complex but it is by far the best recipe that I have ever tried. You have to follow it to the narrowest degree. No substituting ingredients or varying measurements or it will not be the same. I am going to type it into a word document and offer it to anyone for free. If you are interested please email me at www.frogpatch@gmail.com and I will send you a copy.

Meanhile Back in Frogpatch Professor Edward Everett Egret is preparing for his new class at Frogpatch Univerisity or FU as it is called.


  1. Thanks, please tell your friends and come back and meet the Mayor!


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