Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here is a day that does not bother me as much as the three that preceed it. Maybe because it comes before Friday and my anticipation of the weekend is starting to flicker just a little. When I was a small child I thought it was thirst day. I did not understand! Did adults just drink more on this day? To me, today, it is kind of a neutral day just to the right center of the week, but not part of the big three. So appropriately I think the name of this one should be changed to Thatday. Anything you do today will now be something that happened that day. Now we have Someday, Oneday, Middleday and Thatday.

Yesterday was a much nicer day weatherwise here in Clearwater. There were no more tornado warnings and the skies were blue and the wind was calm. I actually got to do some fishing last evening. No catching, just fishing. Below is a picture of where I go wading for snook.

Like I said yesterday I was going to walk the shoreline to look to see what washed up during the storm the day before. I trekked the high tide line for a while which is where I am standing when this picture was taken. I found nothing except this. What do you think it is? If you said a fishing bobber your are sort of right. It is what is known as a popping float. It is tugged through the water flat side first. Inside there is shot that rattles. A shrimp or other bait is suspended below it a a depth that depends on the water depth. The spashing and rattling attracts fish that then see your bait following below triggering a strike. I will use it. Recycled to use from the shoreline. That is worth 10 greenpoints!

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