Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hmmm Wednesday

Wednesday has always been the stressful day for me. There seems to be more traffic and I was always really busy at work. I guess that people take long weekends starting Thursday or extended weekends that end Tuesday. Everyone seems to show up at work or school or for the senior breakfast specials on Wednesday. I like the day for one reason only. 69 cent cheeseburgers at McDonalds. Aside from that the day is manic. It is no secret why people refer to it as hump day. I do not like that name as it is just old and reminds me of those people that insist on using 80s office cliches like power lunch and "thats what she said." The Germans downplay the day by making it the only day of the week that has no real name, They simply call it Mittwoch or Midweek. I like that. It takes the hill climbing out of it. So borrowing from them and in an attempt to de-stress "hump day" I think we should simply call it "middle day." Sort of like middle school. You're not where you used to be but you have not reached where you want to be. So now we have improved three days. Someday, Oneday and Middleday.

So on this middle day I am going to start my day getting a little fresh air. We had some strong southerly winds yesterday after the storms past by. I am going to go out and walk the bay shore and see what the wind brought in. Maybe I will find another great piece of driftwood like the one pictured earlier. Who knows? Whatever it is you will see it here.

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