Monday, April 20, 2009

Recapping the New Days of the Week

Last week I thought that the medieval names of the days of the week should be updated and I came up with some suggestions.

Monday I thought should be a work optional day where employers should reward you with a Bloody Mary just for showing up. I want to change the name to Someday as that is the day we are all looking forward to unlike Monday.

Tuesday is the first day of the week when most people actually get work done. I thought Oneday would be a great name for it because everyone is going to accomplish something great one day and now they have a day just for that!

Wednesday has to get that cliche of hump day disassociated with it. The Germans simply call it Mittwoch or Mid week. I like that, so I will follow suit and call it simply Middleday.

Thursday is that day that sits just to the right of the center of the work week. It is not the weekend yet encourages some thought of it. It is kind of just there. So I will call it Thatday. We all remember that day.

Friday is one of the Big Three. It is a day of great anticipation and around three in the afternoon people start emailing friends. Playing music on their desk tops and stop paying serious attention to their jobs. If you are a saleperson and you call on a customer late that day, you have no life. It was originally named for the Norse God Frigg. I do not think Friggday sounds to good. I want to name this one Yayday as that is what everyone says a quitting time!

Saturday rocks! It is by far the best day of the week. Lucky 7. On this day you still have one more day off ahead to sleep late if you wish. I have renamed this Whattaday.

Sunday I left as is because changing the name would cause to many problems. Besides being named after the sun is a good thing.

So here they are in order. Sunday, Someday, Oneday, Middleday, Thatday. Yayday and Whattaday. Enjoy your new week!

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