Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Asian Textile Find

Well here I go again! I was in my favorite Hospice Thrift Store and while flipping through the pictures that were half price I noticed this textile sandwiched between two pieces of plastic! There was a plastic thing the size of a bar of soap glued to the back. I think someone was going to make a clock out of it but when it slid out of position they gave up. I paid the $3.00 asking price and brought it home and of course my wife thought I was ready for hospice care myself.
I removed it from the plastic frame and examined it carefully with a loop. It is a hand stitched crewel picture with two applied, intricately woven, mattes, all made of silk. The little diamond motifs on the inner border contain around 200 stitches each. The picture was painstakingly done with different color silk threads entirely by hand. That is all I know. I think it is Chinese but this is far from my realm of knowledge! It appears to be very old.
I am hoping someone reads this and can help me learn the origin. It is approximately 10 x 11 inches. The colors look a little faded in the pic do to poor lighting and a cell phone camera.

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