Monday, April 13, 2009

It is Monday Again

It seems that we have one of these per week. I do not like them as they fall right after two days of having fun. Why couldn't they have a day designed for easing slowly back into the week? A day when we could go to work late if we felt like it but didn't have to. If we did it would be a law that we were rewarded for just showing up and y Marys would be manditory for all employers to provide. The name of the day would be changed from Monday to Someday because we are all waiting for that one to arrive anyway. Yesterday we celebrated what is called Easter here but in my opinion should be referred to as Resurrection Day as the former was taken from a pagan spring fertility celebration as were hot cross buns. Those buns were originally a phallic shaped treat that was paraded around in a celebration. The church put a cross on it to make it acceptable. The Maypole is another phallic fertility symbol that children danced around. I made one of those hams yesterday that looked like a Smithfield add. It had those perfectly cut diamonds with a clove stuck perfectly in each one. The shiny tangerine, brown sugar and mustard glaze was perfect. I wanted to take a picture of it as it was a feast for the eyes but I decided to start pulling little pieces of it and eating the with my fingers before it got served. When I first started this blog I messed up and deleted the original post on there I was showing my new found flotsam find. Well I decided to bring it back. I found this board along the shore and decided to recycle it into a coat rack. When my wife bought these hooks and that 100 year old bracket I asked her, "what do you want that for?" When I finish my one a of a kind driftwood coat rack we will all know! 100 green points for me. Please read my new article on hubpages about the vanishing bees and how there demise could lead to ours. www.tinyurl/vnshgbees

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