Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Missed Two Days

I was overwhelmed on Friday so I had no chance to post. Please accept my apologies and take this flower as a token of my regrets. It was one of those days where I had to run here and there and by the time I was done the day was also.

So lets talk about Friday! Friday is such a popular day that Robinson Crusoes sidekick's mom even named her son after it. That created a whole occupational group in the 1950's called Gal Friday which in the liberal 60's became Guy/Gal Friday, changed to administrative assistant soon after. The saying Thank God it's Friday became simply TGIF and from that sprang a national restaurant chain. The actual origin of the name was in honor of the Norse goddess Frigg. Imagine if we called it Friggday. When I was little I thought this was actually Fry Day as all my Catholic friends ate fish on that day.This one really needs a new name. Because it is the day that precedes Saturday and is one of the trinity of good days it should have a cheerful name. I think we should call it Yayday because Yay is what most people say at the end of their workday.

Now it is Saturday, the Mickey Mantle of the week. Good old number 7. Even its number is lucky. It is the Sabbath for the Jewish people and just a day that rocks for anyone else that has the day off. There is that great "I am off tomorrow" feeling that lasts all day and late into the night. Back in the 70s the only show that ever kept people home on Saturday Night exploded on the scene. SNL as it is fondly known today is still going strong over thirty years later. This day is named after Saturn. That is way too days of yoresque. I think we should call this one Whattaday because what a day it is.

Now we are on to Sunday. I think this one should be left alone or all the kids that go to Sunday school will be wandering around lost all week. Too many churches would have to change their signs and blue laws and liquor laws would have to be rewritten. Remember the song Sunday will never be the same? We do not nee Spanky and Our Gang to become prophetic do we? So we will leave Sunday alone. After all it is a day of rest for many of us and is named for the Sun which is a good place to rest in on Sunday.

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