Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Annual Easter Bunny Invasion

The Shamrocks are gone from the windows and the last pint of Guinness is just a fond memory. Easter is approaching fast followed by Greek Easter which is a week later this year and we celebrate both as my wife is Greek. It is my favorite Holiday for it's real purpose of celebrating the resurrection, of course, but it also is a springtime celebration, a time for new beginnings and new hope. It is also time for bunny's in my home. First it starts around St. Patricks day when a new one shows up on the consolebar by the little Christmas tree that contains shamrocks and soon will have Easter eggs hanging from it. Then another appears in the bedroom and more in the living room and even the bathroom. Soon the number swells to more than I am willing to count. There is this years arrival, Glitter Bunny, followed by Black Lady Bunny and Classic Bunny. The are even bunny salt and pepper shakers and get this! A vintage bunny pencil sharpener. There are outdoor bunnies as well! These are just a few of the bunny enterage managed by my wife the bunny madame. There is one that did not make it out this year. I imagine the reason is that the bunny madame is weary of me poking fun at it. It is a big white ironstone pitcher that looks like a rabbit sitting up. The rabbits mouth fuctions as the spout. I would say: I'm a little bunny short and stout, Here is my handle, my mouth is the spout. When I get all filled up here me shout, Tip me over an watch me puke! That one I named Barf Bunny! My wife does not see any humor there! She says I am disgusting and cruel as if this porcelain pitcher actually had feelings. The rabbit was a symbol of fertility as was the egg. Even the name Easter was taken from a seasonal paggen celebration that fell at this time of year. Rabbits are known for their qickness on their feet and their quickness in producing more rabbits thus making them a perfect fertility symbol. Sonehow the rabbit and the egg became a large rabbit that delivered eggs and hid them for children to find. Classic Bunny is a repruduction of an early model Easter Bunny. The ones around our home multiply in a different way. the bunny madame adopts them. Glitter Bunny came from Michaels with a 40 percent off coupon but most come from estate sales, church sales and thrift stores! I kind of wish that one of those big hollow chocolate one would show up here so I could break off its ears and fill it with jelly beans as I did as a kid.

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