Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Never Know What You Will Find

While digging through piles of pictures at a local thrift store I came across this original oil painting that was marked $5.00 the frame appears to be from the 1950s because of its minmalist look. On the bottom left corner of the frame waqs a little round folded price tah that my wife spotted as we were checking out. It was selling for $250.00 50 years ago. I have tried to research the artist but I am unsure of the spelling in the signature. If you can make it out please let me know! The picture is very well executed. Look at the lighting, shadows, motion and texture. I have always found artwork to be the most challenging when it comes to research. The experts want to be paid for their info and are wrong very often. There are website that are helpful but you have to be a paid member to research there. I have several pieces that are sitting in a closet for lack of information!

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